Attending the Day Care Centre since: 2010

1.    Where do you live?

I live near Ipswich with my daughter.

2.    What made you decide you wanted to come to a day care centre?

When my husband died, I needed to get out a bit – so I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at day centres to see what they were like. I like being with people and had never been on my own before my husband died.

3.    Why did you choose the Almshouses?

The Day Care Centre I was attending  had to close and the people there told me to have a look at the Seckford Almshouses.

4.    What did you think when you first saw the Day Care Centre

I really liked it – the room was lovely and I knew some of the people, which was really nice.

5.    How long did you have to wait for a place?

I got in straight away.

6.    What do you value and enjoy most about the Day Care Centre?

It’s so friendly – I enjoy the chat, I enjoy the company and I enjoy the meals. I keep coming here, even though it is quite a way for me to come, because I really like it.

I love the cooking best but I also enjoy the bingo, the quizzes, the games and the crafts.

7.    What would you say to someone thinking of coming to the Almshouses?

It’s a lovely place – come and join it!

8.    Could you tell us about your life story?

I was born in Butley where I lived for most of my life. I was 14 when I left school and I was put straight into service – I was a kitchen maid for Lord Ullswater at Campsey Ashe – he had a lovely big house.

I’d known my husband all my life as he lived in the same road as me and we went to school together. During the Second World War he was in the Medical Corp stationed in Scotland to start with and then in France.  Luckily he survived although he often thought he wouldn’t.

After the war ended, we got married and lived in a wooden bungalow in Butley.  My husband was a bricklayer and I was a wife and mother to our two boys and two girls. In between looking after children, I worked in the Oyster Pub where my speciality was making pies!  I also helped harvest carrots, potatoes and apples and at one point I worked as assistant cook at Butley School.

When my husband died in 2010, I didn’t like being alone and I needed quite a lot of care and support with daily living. Eventually I moved in with my daughter.  I was sad to leave my house and I miss it, but I couldn’t stay there on my own.

One of my sons is in Canada now and the other lives in Hollesley.  I have a daughter in Ipswich and another daughter who lives in Orford. I have eight grandchildren, three step grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

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