Hayley Youngs

Hayley Youngs

Job title Support Care Worker

Working at the Almshouses: Since 2011

1.    What does your job entail?

I provide personal care – practical support like helping people wash, bathe, get dressed and take their medicine.  While I do this, I talk to people and get to know them and learn about their interests and their families – but if they want to be quiet that’s fine too.

2.    What were you doing before you came here?

I worked for Optua as a home carer – so I travelled around Suffolk providing personal care to people of all ages – including young people with disabilities.  I also worked for Care Focus with vulnerable adults which taught me the value of stepping back from a situation rather than reacting impulsively to it.  This is the best learning I’ve picked up so far and am very grateful to have acquired it.

3.     What was your first day like? 

What I remember is being inundated with smiles and everyone making me feel at ease and very welcome.  Everyone here is so friendly and approachable.

4.    What do you most enjoy about your work at the Almshouses?

I enjoy the work, the people, the culture and I’ve never had a job which entailed being thanked so regularly for my work. I’m thanked by managers, team leaders and the people who live here.

5.    What impact do you think your work is having?

I’m helping to make people’s lives better – I know I am!  A lot of what I do is of immediate, practical value and enables people to live relatively independent lives but the rapport that builds up between us as a result is mutually beneficial.

6.    What sort of training have you had?

QCF in Social Care (Level 2), safe handling of medicines (Level 2), continence products, food safety, health and safety, manual handling, safeguarding vulnerable adults and first aid.

7.     What changes have you seen during your time at the Almshouses?

A few staff and residents have come and gone but that’s all so far!

8.    What about the future?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

One day I would like to manage a range of care services but it’s probably going to take me longer than 5 years!  I love my work, I’ve got lots of energy and ideas and I want to make a difference in the world of care.  In five years I would like to be qualified, skilled and experienced enough to be progressing up the ladder.

9.    What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you about your work at the Almshouses?

“Thank You” – there is nothing better than hearing this!

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